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Small 4" Candle Holder


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sandstone  made in usa 

Sandstone has been prized for its variegated color and unique texture for hundreds of years. Also durable, this stone has used been used for everything from barn foundations to bridges. Many of our  pieces, like these one-of-a-kind candle holders, have been created from the reclaimed stone of those structures.

We've cored out the middle of these sandstone pieces and shaved the bottom flat so they can be used for a variety of purposes: Candle holders, flower vases, or planters are just a few  ideas. Four sizes.

Since each piece is unique, size and weight vary.

  • CH-SS-45     4" OD x 4-6"H     1 lb
  • CH-SS-47     4" OD x 6-8"H     2 lbs
  • CH-SS-66     6" OD x 5-7"H     3 lbs
  • CH-SS-68     6" OD x 7-9"H     4 lbs